My name is Katrina, but friends and family call me Trina. In Greek, the meaning of my name means: Pure and Clear. And, ever since I took my writing seriously, it has been nothing less than a pure and clear way to set my journey in becoming a writer, blogger and publisher. Writing is the one thing I truly love doing. There is nothing like creating content on a blank canvas and opening up a person’s imaginations with words that form a vivid picture.

I am a quiet thinker that can create sleuths, romance scenes or unlimited comic relief simply by listening, or observing the people and space around me. My imagination can be rather acute.

God gives us what we need to create our own happiness. However, it is up to us to cultivate it; and more importantly, how we choose to protect it, produce it and bring it to fruition are crucial.

I found my happiness in 2009 when I decided to write my first book of short stories. It gave my soul the joy that it had obviously longed for. Writing makes me feel as if I can conquer the world without permission…it gives me the courage to face the fear that has always held me back.

I am a writer…that’s truly my superpower!