Katrina Gurl is a writer, entrepreneur, encourager and woman of integrity. Professionally, she is Relationship coach and founder of The S-H-E-M-A Gurls Network and Steamy Trails Publishing. These are communities that promote togetherness, talent and friendship.

Katrina is taking her life coach training to a whole new level by creating romance books that not only entertain, but also teaches couples to practice positive ways to deal with life, family and relationship issues. The Balcony View Books (her romance series) serves as a purpose to learn how to love positively.

She shares realistic stories that she hopes will make couples think twice before ending what can very well become a great relationship. She wants couples to feel empowered and encouraged. She believes that encouraging people is the most selfless act of showing love. 

Encouraging people to live courageously and fear free is the message she not only brings in each book, but also her networking communities every day. She is an avid supporter to the dreamer in you, so she helps folks become published as well.


What Is Your Writing Genre?
Romance and relationship coaching.
What Are Your Writing Strengths?
One of my strengths is to create sexual fantasy in a positive way
so that real couples can make fantasy at home.
What Are Your Writing Weaknesses?
My weakness honestly is my short attention span and becoming
bored with things quickly. This is why I love creating SHORT STORIES!
What Motivates You to Write?
Life, sex. Experience and understanding that marriage can
always become better is what motivates my writing​.

What is your favorite song right now and why?

I pretty much love all of Musiq's stuff, but this song really speaks to me because it so real as far as relationships go. I mean, lets face, it. Our significant other can really upset us at times, but at the end of the day the love is what will always win.