Published Books by Katrina Gurl

CRUSHES happen rather we are in a relationship or not and you don't have to keep them a secret anymore. We all have a little crush every now and again…it is only human nature to be attracted to people. Secret Crushes Revealed is filled with a loving array of real crush stories that will have your heart bounding. Available on Amazon

Choosing to start a natural hair journey isn't an easy one, but once you’re in the thick of things, awkward lengths, tangled ends and everything else that could irritate you, you can stay motivated by using a few tricks that will prevent you from giving up. Use this book and my journey to help you remain on your own natural hair journey. Available on Amazon

RANDOM TAPESTRY is a collection of Katrina Gurl’s most metaphoric, orgasmic, and sensual salutations to release to the world. Her collection is an array of sexual bliss set on fire. Poetry, fantasies, private thoughts, short stories, and love letters that jumps from one page to the next leaving you wanting more. Her random tapestry is a rare preview to the personal stitching’s that binds her innermost thoughts. Available on Amazon

What erotically makes your heart pump, breathing change, desire swell and passion over flow with desire? Is it a smell, a smile, a look, someone’s words or a touch? Whatever it is that turns you on to the point of no return, “The Balcony View Series” will stimulate your sensual side. Available on Amazon